The History Of Cellulite Treatments

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Published: 01st August 2012
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Women have always experienced cellulite - that lumpy, orange-peel looking areas of skin which arise most frequently around the hips, thighs and butt. The issue was easily ignored, though, as long as fashions dictated that those parts were always covered. The creation of swimming suits, shorts and higher hem lines prompted the search for efficient cellulite treatments.

The Search for the Cause

One of the first methods to finding a medication was to try and discover what was creating the trouble. At first some doctors referred to cellulite as a skin disease, but this belief was quickly changed. Other people postulated that cellulite must be resulted by hormones; after all, it was primarily a female issue and females have got much higher levels of estrogen. The reality, though, is that lower levels of estrogen actually make the problem more apparent. Estrogen actually assists the skin remain thick and moist. As women approach menopause and their estrogen production drops, their skin often becomes dryer and thinner, situations which make cellulite more pronounced.

Cellulite is caused by fat cells, so it was only natural to guess that obesity could be at the root of the issue. Other people claim that diet is the main culprit. People who hold to these theories believe the most efficient cellulite treatments involve low-fat diets, weight loss and exercise. The problem with these ideas is that it does not account for all the women who already exercise, maintain a proper weight and eat right yet still battle with cellulite. In fact, over 80% of all women have this problem and they are not all obese. Fatness does make the cellulite more visible, but it is absolutely not the cause.

Skin Structure

The real culprit is skin structure. In ladies, the layer of fats directly under the skin is contained in rows of rectangular cells divided by vertical strands of connective tissue. Over time these strands start to limit, pulling down on the skin. The body fat in the cells is obviously compressed and starts to bulge upward. As skin gets thinner and dryer with age the lumps are more clear. This issue is much more prominent in men than women not because of hormones, but because the fat cells in men are shaped in a different way.

Finding a Cure

An internet search for cellulite treatments will result in a numerous of products; topical lotions, ultrasonic treatments, laser, massage, injections and even surgical procedure. Some of these offer short-term assist with cellulite, but they normally only address one part of the problem and must be continued indefinitely in order to uphold any advancements. Creams, for example, usually work on improving dry skin or block receptors in the skin to help prevent the formation of fat. Sound waves, radio frequencies and massages try to break up fat but do not address the constricted connective tissues. Injections are meant to melt the fat, but the FDA warns that this unapproved treatment could be harmful and has been recognized to cause eternal harm, and cellulite removal using traditional surgery will be painful and leave scarring. Until recently, there has not been an efficient way to smooth and stiffen cellulite eternally.

Cellulaze™, the Latest in Cellulite Technology

In January 2012 the FDA approved Cellulaze™, the very first laser technology to address all 3 factors; the skin, fat and the constricted connective tissues. In reality, this is the lone product which will resolve cellulite permanently - with just one treatment. Cellulaze makes use of a patented side laser that is inserted through small incisions in the affected parts. The laser cuts through the taunt tissues, releasing the strain on the skin. Heat from the laser gently melts some of the extra fat, allowing it to be pressed out of the body. Finally, the laser is directed at the skin to stimulate collagen production. Experiments show this works, and women routinely experience a 25% increase in skin thickness and a 30% improvement in skin flexibility in the first year following a treatment. What will make this even better is that the improvements seem to be lasting. Sufferers who had the treatment 2 years ago still report that they are cellulite free.

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